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Engine auto repair and service

Gasoline engine or diesel for that matter is a part of the vehicle that converts fuel in to motion by burning it internally, hence the name internal combustion engine. Alternatively we start seeing more and more hybrid engines where all sorts of energy is rerouted back in to the car for further use such as braking where otherwise the energy would be wasted. Even further there are some new vehicles re-emerging that use only electrical motors alternatively to combustion engine in order to move the vehicle.

What's wrong with my engine?

Engine Does not start: There are many reasons why the engine might not be starting up, it may not even be, related to the engine so do not panic just yet, it may be a dead battery or the motor is not getting enough fuel, there are literally doesns of reasons why your car may not start. Perhaps your motor is not getting the spark to ignite the fuel. Therefore you may want to bring it to Orland best auto service in order to have it properly diagnosed.

Improper maintenance: If your motor oil has not been changes as scheduled there might be an oil sludging occurring that is preventing the motor from working fluently and the lack of lubrication may result in breakdown. There are also other scheduled maintenance that needs to take place in order to have you engine working properly, such as timing belt replacement at 80.000 miles or, spark plug replacement it is important for the engine to get air to fuel mixture properly in order for the motor to work correctly.


Signs of need for service: Car is jittery or hesitant when accelerator is applied. The vehicle shakes, makes unusual vibration or sound when idling and while in park or by the stop light. Parking space shows signs of leaked fluids where your car is/was parked. Your heat gauge shows higher than normal temperature or needle is reaching the red zone.


Proper service: By following your scheduled maintenance you may be able to extend your engine lifetime beyond your expectations. It goes to say that regular oil change will go a long way in making sure your engine is efficient, and long lasting. If you see signs of trouble do not wait or hesitant and bring it to our garage for inspection and major service may be avoided by taking care of the issue early on. Car engine is one of the most expensive parts to replace.


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